nadine smiling

Humble Beginnings.

Nadine’s initial role aimed to train her as a new salesperson and she quickly adapted to her responsibilities. Over time, Nadine’s exceptional performance and dedication led to significant promotions, ultimately allowing her to manage key accounts and contribute to the growth of multiple clients.

Nadine joined the company as a Sales and Business Assistant. Her primary responsibilities included supporting the current sales team. Nadine played a vital role in sales administration, preparing sales orders as she received them from the sales team. The intention behind her role was to train to become a new salesperson for the company.

Working hard to ensure I am there for both my customers and the team

Hard work Recognised.

After four months in her Sales Business Assistant role, Nadine’s potential and hard work were recognised, leading to her participation in an intensive inbound sales training program. This training equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively engage with potential clients. The program enhanced her understanding of the sales process and provided her with the tools to excel in her future roles.

Building on her training and initial experience, Nadine’s career rapidly progressed with Supplement Factory. Once she completed the inbound sales program, she was promoted to Junior Key Account Manager, where she demonstrated her ability to manage client relationships. Her strong performance in this role led to a further promotion after six months, elevating her to the position of Key Account Manager. In this role, Nadine took on greater responsibilities, managing her largest portfolio of accounts to date.


The Big One.

After one year as a Key Account Manager, Nadine’s contributions and leadership skills were further acknowledged, resulting in her promotion to the position of Senior Business Development Manager, a role she currently holds. In this capacity, she is responsible for managing some of Supplement Factory’s largest accounts. 

Not only does Nadine manage large accounts, she also takes pride in nurturing accounts from their early stages as startups to becoming significant companies within the supplement industry. Her success in these accounts showcases her ability to foster long-term relationships and contribute to client growth.

I am proud to be a part of my customers’ journey and help them grow

International Intelligence.

Nadine’s knowledge and expertise have continued to grow. In her current role, Nadine has become a specialist in dealing with exports and international regulations. When asked about dealing with these new challenges Nadine said “I love the challenge of working on these accounts, understanding what is necessary for the product registration, export regulations, even conducting detailed gap analysis of the ranges being sold in other territories. Daily, I am communicating with the Chamber of Commerce and numerous Embassies. We are now trading with over 25 countries internationally; Jordan, UAE, Iraq, Vietnam, Peru, Egypt, and Morocco, to name a few. ”

Nadine’s career trajectory exceeded her initial expectations. She did not anticipate the rapid progression and the opportunities that would come her way within the company. However, her dedication, performance and ability to cultivate client relationships have positioned her for success and advancement.