If you are looking to create a new product but would like a fast and effective way of entering the market or a new industry, our off the shelf formulations can assist your brand without formulating.

If you are searching for supplements to increase your portfolio without the added timeline of custom formulating, we provide high quality health and wellness, sports nutrition, weight loss and beauty supplements with ready formulated profiles, made to order.

All of our off the shelf products are available in a bulk order or as fully finished products, complete with label printing and application. Each minimum quantity for order is available within the brochure to assist in planning ahead.

Each product provides the key EFSA approved claims, as well as the dietary benefits to allow you to choose the perfect off the shelf formulation. If a product is not available with the dietary requirements needed, please contact us and find out how we would adapt to suit your needs.

Each off the shelf formulation price comes equipped with a white pot and white lid as standard, but this can also change depending on the quantity being purchased. If you are looking to customise the packaging, please enquire through the contact form.

Is what you are looking for not available on this list, or are you looking for a specific formulation? Enquire today for a custom formulation quotation.