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A beauty brands guide to NMN, Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, the Anti-Aging Superfood

NMN, or nicotinamide mononucleotide, is a premium food supplement that is quickly becoming one of the most popular anti-aging superfoods requested by consumers. This powerful supplement has become a must-have for beauty and wellness brands, as its anti-aging benefits are reported to make those taking it look and feel younger.   What are the key […]

5 ways customers are using beauty food supplements

How can beauty brands enhance their customers’ beauty regimes in a meaningful and impactful way? Beauty from within is a growing practice for so many consumers, they are health conscious and product savvy. Beauty brands who are looking to create beauty food supplements to complement existing skincare products, need to start by creating supplements respond […]

Beauty Food supplement personalisation and connecting with a Gen Z audience

When discussing the future of beauty food supplements and the growing trends for the beauty market overall, McKinsey recently reported that 37% of Gen Z prefer products that leverage personal data to personalise the consumer experience. Consumers are increasingly looking for products that offer a more personalised approach to improving their health and wellness. We’re […]

Expanding your beauty brand into beauty food supplements

Food supplements in the beauty industry are gaining an increasing amount of attention, as consumers become better informed about the efficiency and necessity of different nutrients and supplements. It was also reported that the global women’s health and beauty supplements market size was valued at USD 53.4 billion in 2022. The rise in popularity for […]

Should you be manufacturing clear whey protein for your supplements brand?

If brands are looking for a fresher alternative to traditional whey concentrate protein shakes then clear whey isolate could be the product they need to add to their range. A rise in reviews from influencers in the fitness industry along with a selection of new products being released to the consumer market, has led to […]

France authorises the term Probiotics on certain food supplement labels

Last week the EHPM (European Federation of Associations of Health Products Manufacturers) reported that France has officially authorized the use of the term “probiotics” on labels for food supplements under certain conditions. It has been a previously contentious issue as the use of the term across Europe was seen by authorities simply as an implied […]

Plastic Packaging Tax 2022. What does it mean for Supplement Brands?

There’s some big news in the packaging world and it’s pretty bad news for supplement brands and companies that package their products predominantly in plastic. As of April 2022, these businesses will be subject to an additional tax based on the amount of recycled content in the plastic packaging they use. While those who are […]

Why should you look to enhance your gut microbiome?

Our gut is a dwelling for many billions of microbes (bacterial flora). Some are beneficial and have positive health benefits that keep us thriving whilst others are bad for us, causing sickness, diarrhoea or impacting our health and well-being. Gut microbes have been linked to indicators of health and disease such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes, obesity […]

Why do supplement brands need to look for NSF certified manufacturers?

Firstly, What is NSF? NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation, which is the most respected independent audit within the global supplement manufacturing industry. Government regulatory bodies widely accept their standards, and it offers a benchmark for consumers to ensure the products they are purchasing meet the highest quality standards. It was founded in 1944 to […]

How are probiotics made, and What strain should we use?

Probiotics Probiotics seem to be mentioned everywhere these days, but what should you take into consideration when deciding to launch a probiotic product? Traditionally people turned to probiotics in the form of yoghurt and dairy products, however due to the convenience of being able to take supplements on the go, the market has shifted to […]

Supplement Trends 2021

Supplement Trends 2021 In this article, we will look at supplement trends and popular food ingredients set to explode throughout the market in 2021. From functional foods to dietary convenience, the industry changes frequently year on year. The global health supplement market size was estimated at 123.28 billion dollars in 2019, projecting an expansion of […]

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