Proven experience

Our team has successfully developed and delivered supplements for clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), managing every step from formulation to final delivery while ensuring adherence to KSA’s regulatory standards.

The expertise of our international exports team shines in navigating the complex demands of such operations.

To launch a product in the KSA, the following documents are required

  • Product specification
  • Active and inactive composition
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of Free Sale
  • BRC/GMP Certificate
  • Copy of Artwork

The full regulation process

  • FSC.

    Copy of free sale certificate

  • Label.

    Coloured clear copy of Artwork mentions the country of origin “Made in or Manufactured by”; “Made for” only is not accepted

  • COA.

    Signed and stamped Certificate of Analysis.

  • COC.

    Signed and stamped Certificate of composition/ingredient Report mentions active and inactive ingredients

  • Halal certificate.

    (Attested from Islamic Entity): only for the products that contain one of the following ingredients: Gelatin, Mg stearate; Stearic acid its derivative; Hyaluronic acid or any other ingredient could be from animal source.

    NB: in case the ingredients above are from Vegetarian source: Analysis report or Declaration letter explains the ingredient source “Vegetarian” will be sufficient (HALAL is not required)

  • GMP.

    Manufacture site / Supplier GMP (or any equivalent quality documents/declaration).

  • Relationship Declaration.

    Any document comes from third party supplier/ outsourcing should enclose a signed and stamped relationship letter from the marketing authorised holder.

Banned ingredients
in the KSA

The KSA has prohibited the sale of supplement products with numerous ingredients.

Click below to view the full list of banned ingredients.

View KSA Banned Ingredients PDF

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Multi-language Labelling

Provided that your product complies with the legal requirements in all targeted markets, we are equipped to help you create labels in various languages.

Developing localised labels is key to enhancing your product’s appeal in each region, potentially boosting sales.