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Welcome to the Supplement Factory Shop.

Our new product developers have just made it easier for you to buy in bulk and generate more returns from your loyal customer base. Up-sell, cross-sell or gift some of the most popular supplements that you will be proud to add to your expanding product line-up.

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Need a product to add to your range, but not sure what the best sellers are? Fear not, they’re all here. Our sales managers scour the third-party market places like Amazon or eBay and websites of your competitors to find the fastest sellers with the best returns.

online shoppers love convenience more than ever, so they like to buy their favourite supplements from the same place, they don’t want to be trawling various websites for their supplement needs and you don’t want this either as it is bad for business.

By expanding your range and offering quality commodity items, you’re building customers the confidence and convenience that they prefer at the same time as you’re enhancing your brand and broadening your income spectrum.

Shop confidently

It has never been easier to buy supplements than from the Supplement Factory Shop and that process is made easier with the knowledge that our factories are GMP and BRC accredited. We also make medical devices in our facility under ISO 13485, which means we must stick to strict guidelines across a range of industries. This means your supplements will be manufactured without compromise to quality or safety.

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UK, EU and US companies are using the Supplement Factory off-the-shelf range to complement their ranges. With our ready to go and fast order products, you can buy a product that is already made or we can make you fresh batches to enhance the benefits of a long shelf-life, giving you longer to sell the stock if things don’t go as planned; although this is unlikely.

Order your new supplements today and take full advantage of our current lead times.