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Introducing the FORZA Value Range

If you are looking for a range of food supplement products that will meet the needs of pharmacy and mass market retailers, you need a brand that is comprehensive in terms of design, meets regulatory support and registration requirements and offers the end customer great value.
The team at Supplement Factory have been developing a detailed range of need state supplements for the last 18 months for sale to a global market. The FORZA VALUE range is broken down into categories and continues to develop at a rapid speed.
Through detailed process we have a product passport for each individual retail product that will help you to register and sell these products in your local country.

Regulatory Support

Within a product passport you can expect the following documents:
• Certificate of Analysis (CofA)
• Certificate of Conformity (CofC)
• Certificate of Origin (COO)
• Certificate of Free Sale (FSC)
• Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate (GMP)

Additionally, we work with your team to create a pack that is unique for your territory through translation. We have translated our product cartons into Italian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Thai, French, Greek, Dutch, Russian, Polish and more

Training and Team Development

Accompanied with your product passports comes a full training guide. The guide is translated into your local language to provide support for local pharmacists. The training guide carries all of the products in the FORZA VALUE Range, so that the reader can find the product that they require and order it from your distribution centre. Additionally, the guide offers, pharmacists in store, an in depth review of the products that they have in store, so that they can pass this information to customers.

Supplement Factory also produce a questionnaire that you can send to your pharmacy teams for completion once they have been trained on the products, meaning they truly get to know the FORZA VALUE proposition.

Current Markets Target Markets
Peru Argentina
Russia Chile
Vietnam Greece
Thailand Qatar
UAE Saudi Arabia
UK Turkey


The Value Range

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