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Branding & Design

Investing in brand identity and creating a strong brand adds value to a business. This is what brand equity does for you. Bottom line, a recognisable brand is worth more. It can be developed over time through good customer service, fulfilling your brand promise, meeting expectations and consistent application of a well-designed identity. Part of meeting those expectations is looking professional, and a great visual brand identity helps you to achieve this.

We understand you want your private label supplements to fit the diverse needs of your business, all-the-while offering you full control of your brand every step of the way. Supplement Factory will regularly send you updates, designs and ideas

to you, making sure you are thrilled with the outcome. Amazing renders can be created, with bespoke packaging such as custom finishing, coloured or logo embossed lids, coloured capsules or pots and added extras such as leaflets within the box.

It doesn’t stop there, with an in-house design team to drive further, creating a brand identity with web banners and leaflets using current designs or a fresh idea. If you prefer to use your own design, a template is available to ensure it meets the specification required. We offer an approval process, resulting in packaging being EFSA approved in the UK and Europe.

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