Multivitamin Gummies

This all-in-one multivitamin formula is suitable for both men and women who want to support general health, energy and vitality. Key ingredients such as vitamin C , D3 and B6 support normal immune function and the growth of strong, healthy bones.



Vitamin A – Helps support healthy vision, teeth and skin. It also contributes to normal iron metabolism.

Vitamin C – Contributes to the normal function of the immune system and the formation of collagen for the normal function of blood vessels and cartilage.

Vitamin D – Used by the body to help with absorption of calcium and phosphorus to assist in the normal growth and maintenance of bones. It also helps to maintain a healthy immune and nervous system.

Vitamin E – an antioxidant and a fat soluble vitamin, necessary for tissue repair. It helps promote normal blood clotting and healing which helps to reduce scarring from some wounds.

Vitamin B6 – Helps support healthy immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Vitamin B6 is also important for promoting normal nerve and muscle cell functions.

Vitamin B12 – Helpful for the normal growth and development of red blood cells, skin and hair. It promotes a healthy nervous system and is necessary for calcium absorption.


The Multivitamin gummies contain all natural flavourings and are 100% vegetarian. Each gummy is free from gluten, wheat and yeast and halal suitable.



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How to Order

To get the  Multi-Vitamin gummies  into your brand, simply place the gummies into your basket and create an account with Supplement Factory. While you wait for a member of the sales team to contact you and confirm your order, design your own branded label using our template link below.

Please note that the lead time for gummy supplements is 12-14 weeks from purchase. All artwork must be emailed within 1 week of purchase, please ensure you download the correct label template for your pot size.

To download the appropriate label template, click from the below:

For the label template, please click here: 250ml-label-template

Price is based on 60 multivitamin gummies, provided in a 275ml clear pot, white child resistant lid, with label application and delivery to a UK address.

Nutritional Info

Formulation Per 2 Gummies:

  • Vitamin A 2100IU
  • Vitamin C 20mg
  • Vitamin D3 400IU
  • Vitamin E 16.5mg
  • Vitamin B6 2mg
  • Folic Acid 260µg
  • Vitamin B12 6µg
  • Biotin 5000mcg
  • Vitamin B5 5.2mg
  • Iodide (as potassium iodide) 42µg
  • Zinc (as zinc citrate) 2.7mg
  • Choline 40µg
  • Inositol 40µg



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