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Ready to private label, this collagen & vitamin C blend will provide beauty boosting properties and fit perfectly into a health and wellness range. Collagen supplements are one of the UK’s biggest selling supplements, if you are looking to expand a range, or start one, this product is guaranteed to become a best seller.



Using 800mg of high quality hydrolysed marine collagen and 80mg of ascorbic acid per 2 capsules serving, this formula keeps skin looking its best.

Collagen is the most abundant protein within the body. It is available in muscles, skin, blood, bones, cartilage and ligaments.

Noted for supporting skin health and preventing wrinkles, collagen helps skin maintain its elasticity every time you move your face into a different shape or position. The youthful, smooth appearance of younger skin tissue is attributed to collagen in the body.

As we age, collagen will break down and reduce the skin’s natural elasticity. As a result, the typical signs of ageing such as sagging skin, crow’s feet, age spotting and wrinkles begin to appear. Other lifestyle habits can deteriorate collagen production such as smoking, sun exposure and unhealthy diets.

Taking a collagen supplements plays a role in strengthening the skin, benefitting both elasticity and hydration. In a study, women who consumed a collagen supplement for eight weeks experienced less skin dryness and a significant increase in the skin’s elasticity compared to those that didn’t take the supplement.

As well as being packed full of collagen, vitamin C from ascorbic acid is also included. This water soluble vitamin is essential, and must be eaten within our diets as the body does not store it for when it is required. The solid connection between vitamin c and collagen is often overlooked. Vitamin C is essential for the formation of healthy collagen, and when healthy collagen is produces, a series of complex process occur within the body to strengthen tissues that make up the skin, ligaments and muscles.

Without vitamin C, amino acids cannot be linked together to form collagen and a lack of vitamin C will lead to decreased collagen production within the body.

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