CLA (Vegetarian) Softgels

Due to it’s fat burning ability these softgels are commonly used as an aid to weight loss. Typically small amounts can be sourced through diet but through foods such as diary products, eggs and red meat making it hard for vegans to find a suitable source. This makes the vegan softgels a great addition to your range.


Additional information

Pot colour

White, Clear


White smooth lid, White ribbed lid, Black smooth lid, Black ribbed lid

Softgels per pot



3000, 5000

How to Order

To get the CLA softgels into your brand, simply place the capsules into your basket and create an account with Supplement Factory. While you wait for a member of the sales team to contact you and confirm your order, design your own branded label using our template link below.

Please note – There is a 12-14 week lead time on the CLA softgels. All artwork must be emailed within 1 week of purchase, please ensure you download the correct label template for your pot size.

To download the appropriate label template, click from the below:

90 softgels: 250ml-label-template

Pricing includes CLA softgels, pot, lid, label printing and application and delivery to a UK address.

Nutritional Info

Formulation per CLA softgels:

  • Conjulated Linoleic Acid (80%) 1,00mg

Suitable for vegans.


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Our Promise

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