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Considering we are the UK’s leading private label manufacturers, when it comes to new product development, most weeks we still find ingredients that are new to us; this is the diverse beauty of the nutrition industry.

Whichever sector your brand operates in or whatever product categories your stock fills the shelves of, our blends and ingredient knowledge is some of the best in the industry. Every ingredient is sourced and procured using our BRC standard.

If you see an ingredient from the lists above that sparks an interest, or you wish to make an enquiry about something that you haven’t seen, please click here.

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Whether your brand or company is looking at taking an organic, natural or holistic route to market, we have the expertise to guide your green ambitions. Our experienced relationship managers will support your brand values and aspirational ideas to help you craft a finished product that fits your ethical standards and yields a return that meets your budget demands.

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