Are We Becoming Obsessed With Protein?

Do you feel you are getting enough protein? The question proves to be its own answer. If you worry about protein intake you are almost certainly eating enough. This is the new paradox of what is being described as a protein obsession – for many, people assume protein means healthy and good. A good way […]

Does Your Gut Health Affect Your Mental Health?

Your microbiome – the diverse population of bacteria that live within your gastrointestinal tract plays an important role in the health of your gut and other aspects of your physical health, from inflammatory skin disorders to obesity.

Stevia vs Sucralose – What’s the difference?

The global department of agriculture estimates that Americans have added more sugar to their diet every year since 1970 up until 2000. When daily sugar intake dropped, the market for sugar-like extracts increased. The sugar substitute market was estimated to be worth $13.26 billion in 2015, projected to reach $16.5 billion by 2020. Only 18% […]

What’s New in the World of Protein?

When choosing a protein, your consumers are very likely to choose from a whey, casein or vegan protein blend such as pea, rice or hemp. However, as new developments take place, new protein sources enter the market with a fantastic selection of benefits across the health sector, not just sports nutrition. Egg white protein As […]

The Power of 3

When looking through the rising number of food supplements available on the market today, how can you separate the most popular brands?

Do Vegans Really Need To Take Supplements?

Veganuary launched in the UK in January 2014, aiming to encourage consumers to try a vegan lifestyle for the month of January.

Predicted Supplement Trends 2019

The UK’s nutritional supplement market is expected to reach £13 billion growing at a CAGR of 6% by 2023.

Trends of 2019 – 6 key trends that will impact the supplement industry

Late September, global consumer research published a report showing supplement trends and that consumers are now…

The Vitamin Segment – Global dietary Supplements Market 2018-2023

It is no secret that vitamins have been a staple with food supplements since the 1900s. They are a fantastic way to avoid the flu season, boosting immunity and overall health as vitamins and minerals are an essential part of everyday health. The global food supplement market was valued at $96 billion in 2017 and […]

The Decades Most Popular Diets from 1900 to now

Each decade has dealt with a variety of circumstances that have shaped the weight loss industry. The constantly shifting cultural, political and scientific climate has shaped and dictated different popular diets from each decade. Today, we look at the most popular diets throughout the years, and how they shaped the weight loss industry into the […]

Casein Protein – Is Casein The Latest Sports Nutrition Trend?

According to a report of the global protein market, casein is anticipated to expand at a steady pace from 2018 to 2025. Considering the number of factors driving the purchase of casein and caseinate, the casein market is predicted to provide a CAGR of 4.8% between 2017 and 2025.

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