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Food Supplement Manufacturers Export

Manufacturing food supplements for brands and companies in countries outside of the UK has become part of our daily routine. As our house brands spread out throughout the globe, so did the service that our factories provide.

Now we manufacture dietary supplements for customers in North America – USA and Canada. In Europe – Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. In the Middle East and Africa – UAE, Kuwait, Oman, South Africa and in Asia – Vietnam, Hong Kong, The Philippines.

With more countries being added monthly, we are providing quality UK made food supplements to countries all around the world. This makes us best positioned to supply to you with confidence, built through experience and passion to deliver finished goods on a global scale.

If you are outside the UK and you would like to enquire about having your supplements made in our highly accredited factory, please contact us by clicking here or find out more by reading about our specialist export countries.

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