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Emerging Flavour Trends In Sports Nutrition

Emerging Flavour Trends In Sports Nutrition

Top flavour trends in sport nutrition and how they will impact 2019

The key to keeping on top of the sports nutrition industry is innovation. Whether this is through ingredient profile, packaging or flavour, each component decides whether your product flies or fails in the food supplement industry.

According to data from Mintel, the importance of flavour is a key purchase driver – with over 75% of consumers being influenced by flavour choice when purchasing a sports nutrition product. Creating innovative flavours for this market must remain a priority for any companies looking to thrive in 2019.

Flavour experts Synergy Taste have released a report stating the top flavour profiles to hit sports nutrition in 2019. Utilizing data, with added analysis on social media, food blogs and google search trends, Synergy created a list of seventeen flavours which are predicted to be the top trending flavours for the sports nutrition category in the next year.

Valued at around $9 billion in 2018, the USA is the largest and most advanced nutrition market in the world. As a result of this, many other parts of the world look to North America for inspiration for flavours such as indulgent and sweet options.

The lists are divided into four categories;

  • Emerging – ahead of the curve
  • Growing – starting to appear in the mainstream
  • Mainstream – conventional flavours
  • Established – already being sold

Flavour Trends in Sports Nutrition from North America


Yuzu – a Japanese citrus fruit that looks like a lemon or lime. The flavour is found within ales and sparkling waters and is often paired with green tea or mint. This flavour is great for a refreshing electrolyte blend or recovery drink.

Mochi – a soft round Japanese bun made up of rice. It has a sweet mild flavour that is often used in ice creams and is perfect for protein shakes and BCAA drinks. Often paired with fruits such as mango and strawberry, this flavour is great for a mild but alternative edge.


Sour Cherry – a flavour popular with baking, often paired with chocolate. A great flavour for pre workout blends and those looking for a flavour kick to match the power of their product.

Turmeric – a trending ingredients due to its vibrant natural yellow colour and its health benefits. It is perfect for hot wellness drinks, pairing well with lemon and ginger.

Matcha – Great flavouring for greens blends, it is well known online for its earthy natural benefits.


Pecan Nut – Pecan is always a trending flavour around thanksgiving in America, but now it is becoming a popular sweet and sticky flavour to add to proteins around the world. It is often paired with maple, vanilla or chocolate.


S’mores – A well known campfire treat made popular by the movies. This sweet flavour is often paired with protein shakes and meal replacements to allow consumers to get a sweet fix.

Cookie Dough – a hugely popular flavour in the US and now EU, cookie dough became a trending flavour due to the appearance of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream 35 years ago and is still going strong.

Birthday Cake – A big hit with protein and vitamin bars, birthday cake is a great sweet flavour that offers the visual benefit of bright coloured sprinkles often scattered throughout.

flavour trends in sports nutrition

Are you looking to expand your sports nutrition range with some new and exiting flavours?

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