Supplements In The UAE

We have sent finished capsule, powder products and gummies to a range of different companies in the UAE.

Pharmacy Ranges

The number of pharmacies in Dubai is growing almost daily. Life Pharmacy, Boots, Binsina and many more are all taking prime retail positions and have extensive pharmacy products to sell to their customers.

We work with distributers and pharmacies to build ranges and source ingredients that are both popular and in growth. We have a dedicated range of off-the-shelf products that will suit most pharmacy chains and we also create bespoke items to fill the gaps that appear in customer demand.

From essential everyday multivitamins to joint formulas and appetite suppressants, we have a truly comprehensive range.

Nutrition Stores And Gyms

With the boom of healthy living and fitness comes an appetite for sports nutrition supplements in the UAE. This sector has exploded and the demand for whey proteins, fat burners, BCAA’s pre-workouts and testosterone boosters is insatiable.

In Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates there are many nutrition stores and every few months a new chain joins the collection.

We have a history of supplying own label sports nutrition products to retail and online brands as well as supplying tertiary brands.

Stores and Gyms looking to make extra margin on own-label products can capitalise on our expertise to find extra profit.

Regulation Expertise

As a GMP facility with full BRC AA grade accreditation, we can assist your supplement orders with regulatory support. So, if you’re registering through food channels or Ministry of Health we have the accreditations and the knowhow.

For your convenience, here are the local requirements for the Dubai Municipality:

Consumer Products Safety Section

Health & Public Safety Department

  1. FSC: Copy of notarized free sale certificate
  2. Label: Colored clear copy of Artwork mentions the country of origin “Made in or Manufactured by”; “Made for” only is not accepted
  3. COA: signed and stamped Certificate of Analysis.
  4. COC: Signed and stamped Certificate of composition/ingredient Report mentions active and inactive ingredients
  5. Halal certificate ((attested from Islamic Entity): only for the products that contain one of the following ingredients:
    Gelatin, Mg stearate; Stearic acid its derivative; Hyaluronic acid or any other ingredient could be from animal source
    NB: in case the ingredients above are from Vegetarian source:
    Analysis report or Declaration letter explains the ingredient source “Vegetarian” will be sufficient (HALAL is not required)
  6. GMP: manufacture site/ Supplier GMP (or any equivalent quality documents/declaration).
  7. Relationship declaration: Any document comes from third party supplier/ outsourcing should enclose a signed and stamped relationship letter from the marketing authorized holder