Dietary Supplements USA

The dietary supplement industry in the USA has been booming since the 1980’s and top retailers like GNC, Walgreens, CVS and Walmart are all huge volume sellers of capsules, tablets and shakes. In 2015 some reports suggested that 73% of Americans used dietary supplements on a daily basis.

Now every store is getting in on the act. Ros, Burlingtons, Wholefoods, the list is endless and growing, all the way through to Dollar Store and Dollar General there is a supplement offering.

Our NSF GMP factories make dietary supplements for customers all over the world and shipping to the USA is second nature to us.

Online Sales

The internet has changed buying habits, so online trading and the sports nutrition sector were a perfect marriage. Rather than visiting retailers to buy 10lbs tubs of protein, a casual consumer can have their favourite WPC or WPI shipped to their door direct from Amazon.

Amazon have seen so much growth in sales of multivitamins that they have even launched their own range of products. We use all kinds of packaging, including the popular biodegradable pouches with a 2-year shelf life.

Retail Channels

If you are a retailer or a distributer, selling into retail mean that you have to go the extra mile on packaging. Unlike online products that don’t need shelf presence, a retail offering has to have a raft of data printed on the packaging to educate the customer.

Supplement factory make a range of beauty supplements with luxury packaging, we also produce entry level supplements with economically sourced cartons and bottles, the list of options is almost endless when it comes to crafting the perfect supplement for your target market.

If you are a retailer, distributor or online retailer, contact us today for more information and we will work our magic to produce a range of supplements to suit your customers.

Alternatively, let us quote on an existing item, to prove our quality and pricing advantages.

International Sales

More and more we see US brands looking to sell into the UK and Europe. Our factories are 30 minutes from London and 2 hours from Paris. Selling into Europe is a daily occurrence for us.

If you want to launch your brand in Europe, consider us as a key partner.


Supplement Factory is a division of FORZA Industries Ltd, a company with factories registered with the Food and Drug Administration. We are NSF GMP compliant and hold multiple certifications for the European market.