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Custom Formulations

Supplement Factory create bespoke custom formulations, suiting your brand every step of the way. We are committed to providing all customers with an excellent service, ensuring absolute confidence with us as a private label manufacturer.

Supplement Factory is a leading UK private label manufacturer, with a reputation for producing quality products and being flexible in adapting to the modern online retail environment as well as within retail stores. This constantly improving customer service model has resulted in a global sales team, with supplements being delivered worldwide.

custom formulations

With our own in-house new product development team using their technical and development client to produce and scale relevant ingredients to suit each individual product. Whether you are looking for a capsule, powder or tablet product, we will identify the highest quality base ingredients and compliment them with relevant extras to improve claims, efficacy and overall quality.

Each custom formulation is trialled and tested within our facility before full manufacture to ensure the overall quality before full manufacture, using our own technical team to conduct testing to ensure 100% satisfaction and full compliance in the regions applicable to the product.

As a leading UK supplement manufacturer, we can guarantee that each finished product are unique, with full Non-disclosure as standard. Our dedicated sales team are constantly following new ingredient and market trends to ensure each product is ahead of the curve in both contents and packaging options.

Custom formulations begin at a minimum MOQ of 150,000 capsules or 500kg of powder or the potted equivalent depending on the serving quantity required. These MOQ’s are designed to ensure you are provided with the highest quality ingredients while still being cost effective.

Whether you already know the custom formulation you would like us to manufacture or would like one of our sales support team to assist in creating the perfect custom formulation for your brand, enquire today.

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Whether your brand or company is looking at taking an organic, natural or holistic route to market, we have the expertise to guide your green ambitions. Our experienced relationship managers will support your brand values and aspirational ideas to help you craft a finished product that fits your ethical standards and yields a return that meets your budget demands.

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