Gain confidence and remove the guesswork.

Launching a new product can be a daunting task with many uncertainties. Our market research service will identify all competitors within your chosen market.

We will uncover opportunities within this market, providing you with the confidence needed to ensure a successful product launch.

What information does the market research service provide?

  • A trend analysis into your chosen market
  • A list of your competitors for your chosen product category, countries and sales channels
  • A list of your competitors’ prices
  • A summary of your competitors’ ingredients
  • A summary of your competitors’ unique label claims
  • A GAP analysis of your product idea in comparison to the competitive landscape
  • A full review of our findings with our expert recommendations

Excellence Delivered.

You will be sent a tangible package containing the comprehensive report and samples of your competitors’ products. This is to illustrate not just the sales strategies of your competitors but the precise products they offer.

This package will support you as you embark on the product formulation phase of your development process.

See for yourself.

Take a look at what you will receive from our supplement market research service


Market Research Service Example Pack

Our Success Stories.

Beauty Collagen Discovery


A visionary client approached us with the idea of creating a beauty collagen product specifically tailored for people of colour. With knowledge of only one major competitor in the market, she was keen to explore whether any other companies were addressing this niche.


Our investigation revealed a striking gap in the market: there were no collagen products exclusively designed for people of colour. Moreover, all existing beauty collagen marketing prominently featured white models, highlighting a significant oversight in the industry.

In partnership with our formulation scientists, we uncovered a compelling study demonstrating that people of colour naturally require less collagen than their white counterparts. This insight challenged the conventional approach to collagen beauty products and suggested that existing offerings contain an excessive amount of collagen, leading to people of colour potentially wasting their money on these products.

Armed with this knowledge, we proposed an innovative range of collagen hybrid products. These formulations were designed not only to meet the specific needs of people of colour but also to address the broader spectrum of skin health and beauty. Our client was thrilled with the unique market opportunity and the potential to pioneer a more inclusive approach to beauty.

Pricing discovery
for pre-workout


Our client approached us with the concept of developing a premium pre-workout supplement incorporating several branded ingredients. They sought guidance on how to price their product competitively against similar offerings in the market.


We conducted a comprehensive analysis of premium pre-workout competitors, examining both pricing and formulations in detail. By cross-referencing these aspects, we were able to recommend an optimal price per serving range. Additionally, we provided guidelines on the ideal quantity of each ingredient to include.

Equipped with this information, our client received a clear target price and ingredient specifications, allowing our formulation team to create a product that was both competitive and premium in quality. This strategic pricing and ingredient framework empowered them to position their product effectively in the market.

Essential amino acid pivot


Our client aimed to introduce a general wellbeing capsule supplement featuring L-Lysine. They were particularly interested in identifying competitors with similar blends and exploring any unique ingredients that could set their product apart.


Our research identified numerous competitors, including several large multinational companies, that incorporated L-Lysine in their blends. Given the significant market presence and substantial marketing budgets of these competitors, we advised against entering this highly competitive market, as the likelihood of success appeared slim.

Instead, we proposed developing a palatable powder drink designed to enhance general wellbeing. By incorporating popular ingredients typically found in capsules into this new format, our client could tap into a less saturated market. This approach offered a distinctive product with familiar benefits in a unique and competitive format, increasing their chances of success.

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