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The Rise of Beauty Supplements

The beauty supplement is fast becoming a convenient way to promote healthy skin without the tedious nightly routine. Your complexion is simply taken care of by swallowing a capsule or powder and left to work.

Duocap Capsules Technology

A duocap or duocap capsules are a single oral dosage delivery system for the end consumer but involves inserting a small pre-filled powder capsule into a larger liquid-filled capsule. This offers numerous possibilities and a broad range of formulation and design options that will not only provide a convenient one capsule dose of two products, but open the door to a variety of possibilities.

Supplement Trends Predicted For 2018

With changes in supplement trends depending on super-foods, research and coverage in the media, we look into trends predicted in 2018 and how you can product a high quality product to keep up with increasing demand.

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