Branded Ingredients

We work closely with branded ingredients suppliers all around the world, which enables us to offer our customers a wide range of branded ingredients.

Branded ingredients are a great way to add value and quality to your product range. There are thousands of different branded ingredients available across a multitude of product categories.

So whether you are looking for on-trend wellness ingredients, research-backed proprietary sports blends, or herbal extracts with specific beauty functions, we can help to find the right option for you.

We can also sign licensing agreements with the suppliers on your behalf to give you access to a wealth of marketing information, scientific studies and technical data as well as any brand logos and imagery that can be used on product packaging.

Features & Benefits

  • Branded ingredients give customers the confidence to trust in your products.
  • Branded ingredients are a symbol of quality and many come with strong clinical studies.
  • Using branded ingredients is a way to differentiate your products and formulations from the competition.
  • Your finished product will have a more premium look and feel – customers will pay more for a brand name.
  • You are able to make use of all the additional information and marketing materials that accompany each branded ingredient.
  • Using branded ingredients sometimes provides a way around EFSA Health Claim regulations.
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