Food supplement manufacturers delivering within GCC

We know that we are not the only Food supplement manufacturers delivering within GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council ). So, this November I have traveled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to increase our export portfolio.

A fly on the wall look at the Supplement Factory Quality Team

Our state of the art food supplement factory is something that we are very proud of. The quality of our machinery, the training of our staff and the precision of our production is among the best that you may expect to see in the UK and Europe.

Mother Nature’s Very Own Multivitamin

There is no doubt, natural is better than artificial. Every man, dog, nutritionist & eco warrior is telling you that and it’s true. Why? Our DNA is designed to digest, absorb and extrapolate the goodness from natural sources better than their artificial counterparts; it’s as simple as that.

NovaSol Curcumin from the future

In today’s society, superlatives are used in conversation as commonly as curry is consumed in India. Refreshingly though, what I am about to introduce to you is every inch super and nothing like common.

Forza Industries manufacturing achieves enhanced BRC Accreditation

FORZA Industries Ltd the leading UK diet brand that launched back in 2007 has supplemented its year-on-year growth to achieve AA grade BRC Food Safety Certificate by Certification Body Cert ID.

Ask the Expert: Vegetarian or Gelatin Capsules?

With so many choices and dosage forms it is hard to know what your customer will prefer. With a growing surge towards healthy non-meat products, the world’s leading capsule suppliers are seeing all the major growth in one area: HPMC.

Marketing In a Crowded Sector

With so many supplement brands on the market competition is at an all-time high. Existing brand owners and stake holders have never been more challenged to find differentiators that separate them from the next best rival.

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