Supplement Trends 2024: March Edition

The supplement market is one of constant growth and is always adjusting and changing to keep up with what consumers want. The year 2024 has brought clear trends, showing us clearly what consumers are starting to prefer and what they are beginning to leave behind.

Leveraging a comprehensive analysis that combines incoming enquiries from the busiest supplement manufacturing websites in Europe, trend tracking, and sales volume data from industry leaders, we offer you a detailed snapshot of the current market dynamics.

As the dust settles from the annual January fitness surge, the resilience of many new brands is evident, with a significant number holding onto the new clientele they’ve attracted. This endurance suggests a robust market, ripe with opportunity and innovation. Let’s delve into the specific supplement trends shaping the industry landscape this March.

Please be aware that these values are estimated and may vary due to the method of calculation.

Soft Gels: -35%

Soft gels are experiencing a notable decline, shedding what little market share they possessed. The primary culprit behind this downtrend appears to be a stagnation in innovation within this space. 

As consumers increasingly seek out novel and more efficient means of supplementation, soft gels are being left behind, indicating a shift in consumer preferences for February. 

Existing products may be increasing in volume, but enquiries for new product development remain negative.


Liquid Gels: +21%

The demand for gels increases as we head into the cycling season. A big boost in electrolyte gels is supported by endurance sports.

This is complimented by the already booming ready-to-use collagen market. Conversely, energy gels decline slightly as the sugar police continue to step up their campaigns. 


Gummies: +7%

Gummies, once the burgeoning stars of the supplement world, are seeing a tempered cooling of interest. Despite their explosive popularity in recent years, the market’s enthusiasm is dwindling, with projections suggesting a further decline. 

This shift may reflect a market correction or an evolution in consumer tastes towards more sophisticated or effective supplement forms.


Nootropics: +17%

Nootropics are carving a growing niche within the supplement sector, buoyed by an increasing awareness of their potential benefits. The emergence of nootropic coffee, with brands like Space Goods emerging as market leaders, is further driving this trend. This innovation combines the widespread appeal of coffee with the cognitive benefits of nootropics, attracting a wider audience. 

Additionally, the public’s expanding knowledge, especially regarding the benefits of mushrooms, has propelled nootropics to new heights. This trend underscores a broader shift towards cognitive health and wellness in the supplement market, highlighting a growing interest in products that support mental performance and overall brain health.


Whey Protein: +6%

Whey protein continues to dominate the supplement scene, its popularity slightly increasing—an unusual trend for such a traditionally stable market. 

This growth is likely driven by the expansion of leading whey protein brands into new markets, highlighting the enduring appeal of protein supplementation.


Beauty Collagen: +65%

Beauty collagen is witnessing a significant surge, with Absolute Collagen leading the charge in the UK market. A growing body of research validating the efficacy of collagen supplements in beauty and skin health has fueled this spike. 

This trend is a clear indicator of the market’s rapid embrace of collagen-based products.


Multivitamin: -9%

The conventional multivitamin is seeing a decrease in popularity as consumers pivot towards more complex and benefit-specific blends.

The integration of elements like beauty collagen or whey protein with vitamins symbolises a departure from the “one-size-fits-all” approach, catering to a more discerning consumer base seeking targeted health solutions.


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