The Biggest Celebrity Supplement Brands

The wellness industry has seen a surge in celebrity involvement, with many stars launching or endorsing their own supplement brands. These brands, backed by high-profile names, have garnered significant attention and success. Let’s explore some of the most influential and active celebrity supplement brands today.


Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Wellness

Goop wellness

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop extends its influence into the wellness market with Goop Wellness. The brand offers a range of supplements that cater to various health aspects like stress management, beauty enhancement, and detoxification.

Paltrow’s commitment to a holistic lifestyle approach and her widespread influence have positioned Goop Wellness as a major player in the celebrity supplement arena.


LeBron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Ladder

Ladder, co-founded by NBA superstar LeBron James and legendary bodybuilder and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, stands out in the market for premium supplements. The brand is tailored for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, emphasising clean, science-backed products. 

Ladder reflects the founders’ shared commitment to top-tier performance and physical excellence, blending their expertise in sports and fitness with health and wellness.


Tom Brady’s TB12


NFL icon Tom Brady’s TB12 brand dives into the world of supplements with products focusing on performance and longevity. TB12 aligns with Brady’s own health and fitness philosophy, promoting an active lifestyle and peak performance. 

The brand is known for its emphasis on quality and efficacy, mirroring Brady’s remarkable career longevity and fitness regimen.


Miranda Kerr’s KORA Organics

Kora organics

Supermodel Miranda Kerr brings her wellness vision to life with KORA Organics. The brand’s supplement line targets skin health and overall wellness, embodying a holistic approach to beauty.

KORA Organics stands out for its commitment to organic and natural ingredients, reflecting Kerr’s dedication to eco-friendly and health-conscious living.


Mark Wahlberg’s Performance Inspired

Performance Inspired Mark wahlberg

Actor and fitness enthusiast Mark Wahlberg’s brand, Performance Inspired, is aimed at both fitness aficionados and individuals seeking everyday health solutions.

The brand’s focus on natural ingredients and clean products resonates with Wahlberg’s personal fitness journey and his advocacy for a healthy, active lifestyle.


Venus Williams’ Happy Viking

Venus viking

Tennis champion Venus Williams ventures into the wellness sphere with Happy Viking, a brand specialising in plant-based protein supplements. The products reflect Williams’ personal health and fitness regime, emphasising the importance of plant-based nutrition in achieving optimal health and performance.

These celebrity-led supplement brands have made a substantial impact on the wellness industry. Each brand, with its distinct focus and philosophy, mirrors the health and wellness journeys of its celebrity founders. They offer consumers a variety of health and wellness products, combining the allure of celebrity with a commitment to quality and healthy living.

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