Enhancing Efficacy in Nutraceuticals: A Comprehensive Case Study


  • Partnered with a high-profile brand with an impressive turnover of over £130 million
  • Conducted intensive research and development, including independent user and clinical trials, to substantiate product efficacy.
  • Successfully achieved FDA registration and comprehensive stability testing, culminating in full-scale product manufacturing.


At Supplement Factory, we recently embarked on a groundbreaking project with a leading nutraceutical brand. 


This case study demonstrates our ability to meet the high standards set by a client who is committed to proving the efficacy of their products, a rarity in an industry where the barrier to claims is traditionally low.


Our Role and Contributions


Brand’s Motive:

Our client’s ethos revolved around a singular, compelling goal: to ensure their products delivered on their promises. Unlike typical nutraceutical companies that might capitalise on the lower threshold for benefit claims, this brand aspired to adhere to a more rigorous standard, akin to that of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. 

Their ambition was to not just meet but exceed the industry norms, ensuring their products were backed by solid evidence of their effectiveness.


Innovative Product Development Approach:

Our journey with this client commenced with an innovative product development phase. Our team conceptualised a unique product idea, backed by a detailed formulation pack. This initial stage was crucial, laying the foundation for a product that was not only innovative but also met the high expectations of the client. 

Our approach was comprehensive, considering every aspect of product design to ensure it aligned perfectly with the client’s vision and ethos.


Navigating the Client’s Rigorous Internal Processes:

After presenting our initial concept, we smoothly navigated the client’s internal gate process. This phase was essential in cementing their trust in our capabilities and moving the project forward. 

Our ability to pass through this stringent review process demonstrated our understanding of their high standards and our commitment to meeting them. 


Benchtop Trials for Feasibility Assessment:

Following the successful approval in the gate process, we conducted benchtop trials for internal feasibility assessments. 

This step was integral in evaluating the practicality and potential of the product concept. These assessments were thorough, examining every aspect of the product to ensure it met both our standards and those of the client.


Clinical and User Trials for Validating Efficacy:

One of the most critical phases was the 12-week clinical and user trial period. We meticulously designed these trials to be single placebo-driven, ensuring the most reliable and unbiased results. 


The trials aimed to gather both objective data and user feedback, providing a comprehensive understanding of the product’s effectiveness. The success of these trials was a cornerstone in the project, offering the robust evidence needed to support the product’s efficacy claims.


FDA Registration and Stability Testing:

Concurrently, we undertook the challenge of FDA registration, a testament to our commitment to compliance and safety standards.

This process was intricate, requiring a deep understanding of regulatory requirements. In addition, we conducted thorough stability testing of the product, a crucial step in ensuring its consistency and longevity under various conditions.


The culmination of these efforts was a triumph. The client was not only able to make substantiated claims about their product but also proceeded with full-scale manufacturing, a significant achievement in their product journey.

If you’re looking to transform your product ideas into successful market realities, our Research and Development branch is ready to guide you.

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