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Beauty Supplements

Modern Beauty

Beauty used to be just on the outside, but nowadays everybody knows that it is not just what is on the outside that counts. Beauty from within is the latest category to sweep the supplement industry and not without good reason.

Consumers from 14 to 84 are buying beauty products that help to combat and defy the signs of ageing.

It is noted by specialist marketeers in the nutrition field that the teens and millennial’s are particularly enjoying hair vitamins such as Sugar Bear Hair and Sweet Hair Hearts. The brands are promoting a candy pop appeal with attention being paid to pastel colours and beach scenes.

Supplement Factory specialise in gummy beauty supplements and can provide formulas that are sugar and gelatine free if required.

Beauty from Within

More refined customers are searching for quicker fixes that generate a repair and anti-aging effect. As such, collagen and hyaluronic acid have seen huge boosts in sales over the last 5 years. Collagen has previously been sourced from bovine (cow), porcine (pig) and even chicken. Now customers are more concerned with safety and sustainability and this has led to a huge demand for marine collagen.

Supplement Factory offer a range of off-the-shelf beauty supplements as well as spend a huge amount of time researching and understanding key and branded ingredients that show strong signs of effectivity and popularity.

The Quality of our Beauty Supplements

Beauty Supplements that are manufactured by Supplement Factory are made to the very highest standards. You can expect your capsules, tablets or powders to be tested for micro-contamination and ingredient markers as standard, along with stability testing.

We pride ourselves on being a leading food supplement manufacturer in the UK, this means that customers can take advantage of our impressive AA BRC status and GMP practices.

When it comes to beauty supplements, we lead, we create, we innovate. Why choose anyone else.

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Whether your brand or company is looking at taking an organic, natural or holistic route to market, we have the expertise to guide your green ambitions. Our experienced relationship managers will support your brand values and aspirational ideas to help you craft a finished product that fits your ethical standards and yields a return that meets your budget demands.

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