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Meet the Team

Brett Hamer

Sales & Marketing Director

As Sales & Marketing Director, Brett ensures the sales team are continuously finding innovative new solutions to food supplement enquiries and concept ideas.

Brett has a great experience and knowledge within the food supplement industry, with a passion for sports nutrition and works closely with our biggest sports nutrition clients globally.


Lucy Palmer

Head of UK Sales

Hailing from a fitness media background Lucy has an eye for the next big thing and has traded with small brands that need snappy answers to blue-chip companies whose needs are greater and more precise.

Lucy’s passion is beauty based food supplements and she has become a font of knowledge in this area in the last 3 years. Covering the UK, Lucy has a keen eye for innovative formulations and B2C delivery.

Claire Botting

Sales & Marketing Manager

Engaging with website queries, developing new product ranges and brands with her customers, Claire understands your brand and lives it.

As well as this, she provides both the sales team and all Supplement Factory customers with the resources they need to understand how we work, the manufacturing process and aftercare.

With a background in marketing and public relations, she welcomes the challenges that often come with a new brand, such as building its personality and advertising its unique selling points, revealing a product’s best qualities within the formulation.

Now, specialising in gummy supplements, our list of available formulas are increasing constantly. Are you thinking of creating an innovative new supplement?

Aaron Quinn

General Manager – Pellet Division

Specialising in sustained release technology, Aaron heads up our specialist lab that develops scientific break-through products in the nutrition technology field. The SpheratrixTM lab is the most advanced laboratory in the food supplement sector in terms of capability and next generation, cutting edge scientific innovation.

“I am completely fascinated by the supplement sector, having a lifetime of experience in various industries developing new technologies, I am now privileged to be able to share with Supplement Factory’s clients”, Aaron Quinn.

Mark Paolini

Country Manager Italy, Spain, France and Portugal (Mediterranean)

Heading up our Italian office based just outside Perugia, Mark is dedicated to developing the Mediterranean market options for Supplement Factory.

Mark is also a legal specialist having practised law for over 25 years. He is able to advise on the best ways for you and your brand to trade in Europe without difficulty expanding.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed transferring to this creative and growing industry. Healthy living has always been a passion of mine, so this transition has felt very natural. I am here to help my Italian colleagues but also invite inquiries from Spain, France and Portugal”, Mark Paolini.

Hannah Brown

National Account Manager

Working with large retailers across the UK, Hannah helps her clients achieve fantastic results that not only stand out on retail floors, but also fly off shelves.

“There’s nothing more exciting than seeing products go from concept stage to being on the shelves of the most popular stores worldwide.

Whether it’s a full tertiary brand or just a standalone supplement which compliments a product range you already have, I can help you create something your customers will love by sharing my passion for trending ingredients, beautiful packaging styles and merchandising tips and tricks.”

Lindsay Austin

Business & Sales Support

To ensure all sales are processed and manufactured efficiently, Lindsay allows the sales team to focus on main product concepts and projects while the finer details are taken care of.

Lindsay has fantastic customer service experience and is extremely hands on, happy to help clients, no matter how big or small.


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