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A Message From Our Founder

When we started to produce supplements from our factory in Kent, we knew from day one that we had to offer a value to our customers that no other food supplement manufacturer could.

Since I already owned a brand with strong distribution channels, I knew what I wanted from a solid contract manufacturer; something that I had failed to find, so I set to building a factory that acted as a brand that loved its customers and I convinced my team to join the journey.

From the outset I realised that there were very few genuine quality manufacturers in the UK, some have accreditation, but spot visits soon put them in the shade. We decided to live by our ambitions and be a true quality focused supplement producer. Today, we are proud to be a highly accredited GMP and BRC factory.

Beyond quality came honesty. When I used other manufacturers, I was often fobbed off about lead times and prices, this is something that we immediately decided to address. As a result, all our sales team members are conditioned to tell the truth. If something is going to be late, we will tell our customers and we explain why. If the prices shift, we explain why, we don’t just add incremental increases, this only disrupts happy customers and we don’t want this.

It was most important that we created an environment where people could come and work, thrive and grow. The most dedicated members of our team are well looked after. We aim to be a great local employer, with our staff numbers growing weekly it is so rewarding to be supporting the local community.

The day to day running of the business is taken care of by an incredibly talented team, that I am so proud of. People often ask what I love most about manufacturing in the UK and the answer is simple “Knowing that I have finally found someone I can trust to take care of my brand”. I hope you can enjoy this level of trust that Supplement Factory offers too.

Lee Smith


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