Supplement Trends 2024: April Edition

As we transition into a new financial year following the close of Q1, we examine the latest trends and those that are losing momentum.

Our detailed analysis integrates data from incoming inquiries at Europe’s busiest supplement manufacturing websites, trend monitoring, and sales volume reports from industry leaders to provide a comprehensive overview of the current market dynamics.

Please note that these figures are approximate and may vary based on the method of calculation.


Electrolyte: +22%

As summer approaches, there is a growing demand for supplements that support sports activities. All types of electrolyte supplements, particularly liquid gels and stick packs, are experiencing an increase in popularity.

We anticipate this trend will persist until winter.


Sleep/relaxing products: +37%

Supplements designed to aid sleep are well-established in the market, but many recent products are incorporating adaptogens and other trending nootropic ingredients.

While their “Day” counterparts are currently less popular, we predict that demand for these daytime products will increase in the coming months.


Tablets: -30%

Tablets are waning in popularity as consumers seek more enjoyable, experience-based options like gummies, powders, and liquid gels.

There’s a growing preference for natural products, leading consumers to avoid binders typically found in tablets. 


Weight loss: +6%

Recently, there has been a modest uptick in the popularity of weight loss supplements, primarily driven by the heightened public interest in Ozempic.

Those who cannot use Ozempic are increasingly seeking alternative weight loss solutions.


Anti-aging: -8%

Apart from collagen, supplements aimed at reducing the signs of ageing are experiencing a slight decline in popularity.

This downturn can be attributed to a lack of innovation in this sector.


Gummies: 7%

Gummies have recently seen a decline, stabilising from their initial surge in popularity. However, there has been a slight uptick, suggesting that they may have reached a baseline level of demand.

The upcoming months will provide clearer insights into this trend.


Beauty Collagen: +12%

Beauty collagen is steadily gaining popularity, with significant innovation emerging in this sector. Formulators and brands are collaborating closely to explore and expand the limits of what can be achieved.

Expect to see more groundbreaking developments in the beauty collagen space soon.

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